At the age of 15, going by the name Fella Jay, Ademiks dropped his first few rap tracks. Most of these tracks remained “mixtape” style, being recorded over random instrumentals–anything that provoked his interest. Without a specific goal in mind, he continued to see music as a hobby and began to experiment with producing. A year later, a few hip hop instrumentals began to appear. Most of Ademiks work until 2008 had been made in Reason through the use of midi oriented synth modules. By 2009 he made the transition to FL Studio in order to work with his cousin FAMEZ and experiment with sampling.

Producing on and off, it was not until the summer of 2010 that Ademiks sat down and put time into developing his own distinct style. Constantly listening to underground hip hop (that boom bap, soul-funk, jazz flavoured hip hop), by artists like J Dilla of Slum Village, Madlib, DJ Premier, and Pete Rock, Ademiks was left with no choice but to compete. Music is timeless. Simply put, why spend all your time appreciating the work of others when you could make your own contributions? At this point, Ademiks would be known for his use of the computer (Cubase, FL Studio, and Reason) hand in hand with the MPC 2500. The idea was to get that perfect and seem-less mixture of vst programming with sampling. Rather than just looping segments of classic tracks, he make his cuts by ear selecting pieces that “just sounded right”. The beat tape consisting of 17 tracks “Rare 2 Well Done (2011)” marked the end of this period.

As a university student, Ademiks continued to work on music in the background with most of the music coming straight from his dorm room. The end of 2011 came with a distinct change in his music style. Putting aside what others may criticise, he began to carefully craft his own “flow”–or “swing”, something that will set his work apart from others yet give the music industry what it needs.


January 2011





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